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Work With Me

Are you ready to find clarity, balance and step into the life you have envisioned so many times over?

I am thrilled that you have found your way to me and my coaching programs.
I truly believe that it is no coincidence that you are here.

Bespoke 1:1 Life Coaching
for Teachers

A coaching series for teachers who feel overwhelmed, are constantly questioning themselves and are wanting to become more productive within their school hours

Designed for teachers who feel frazzled, and overwhelmed. Teachers who experience periods of complete depletion of energy and strength. Teachers who are seeking a sustainable approach to the teaching profession.

We work together to find balance within the overwhelm, learn how to care for yourself so you can care for others and align your mindset with the way you want your life to feel.

Have you been thinking there is more to life than just your career and the commute that goes with it?
I am here to help you reconnect with your passion and joy for teaching.

Thriving Teachers:
Group Coaching Program

A powerful 6 week program for teachers who are wanting to take back control and make changes to enjoy a sustainable, calm and productive teaching career. This program is NOT designed to be like normal professional development – there are plenty of amazing providers of professional development for teachers. This program IS a personal development course. It is about YOU, first and foremost, which leads to an amazing flow-on effect in your role as a teacher. You, dear teacher, deserve this.

Next Round Starts: April, 2021. Join the waitlist now!

Don’t miss your chance to book your spot in Thriving Teachers.

School Professional Development Workshops

I run interactive workshops in schools or online aligned with the professional development goals of each school.
Previous workshops have included:
Creating a Growth Mindset Culture in the Staffroom: Within a self-care approach to teaching.
Understanding Perfectionism within Teaching: curbing unrealistic self-expectations and structuring your day for success.
Adopting a Nourishing Approach to Report Writing Season: caring for yourself while reporting on the progress of your students.
Beating Imposter Syndrome: Truly believing in your teaching brilliance to become the most confident version of yourself within your role.
Even Scales: Balancing your personal and teaching life with ease.
Thriving under the Intensity of the Term: implementing boundaries, identifying personal values and avoiding procrastination to thrive in the classroom.
Breaking the Cycle of Burnout: A revolutionary approach to thinking about teaching.

Growth Mindset Workshops

A full day workshop for corporate teams who appreciate the importance of understanding the basic underpinnings of the Growth Mindset and how it can be practically implemented within the lives employees to improve resilience, increase productivity and understand the benefits of failure.

1:1 Life Coaching

A coaching series for women who feel disconnected from their current reality and are ready to challenge themselves to live a life where they are wholeheartedly ALL IN.

Designed for women who love their life, but know the potential for it to be even better. Women seeking an understanding of how to experience growth, happiness and clarity within transition periods of their lives.

We work together to become aware of and action those niggling thoughts which keep creeping back in, allowing you to step into the life you picture for yourself.

I know you’re feeling like you could run away from everything right now (suitcase optional) to get some peace, quiet and a chance to breathe. I am here to help you gain that perspective and to allow you to feel the freedom, direction and excitement you so desire.

Teacher Booster
1-hour Session

This is a one-off coaching session for teachers who need a reset, who are stuck on their first or next step forward, or who need immediate support within an aspect of their professional or personal life.

Designed to be a high impact support session which will see immediate solutions and momentum towards feeling less overwhelmed and more productive and in control.

This 1 hour 1:1 session is backed up with one week worth of Voxer support to help with strategy implementation and review.

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