About Me

About Me

Michelle Weeks

Life Coach for Teachers & Primary School Teacher

(BYCA Life Coach & BA/BEd Macquarie University, Sydney )

Me In A Nutshell

– Wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, puppy aunty.
– Lover of sport, cooking, travel, reading, the ocean and an obsessive picture book collector.
– Passionate South African born, Aussie girl, currently living in New Zealand.
– Personal development enthusiast and an avid supporter of idea sharing, kindness, gratitude and self-care.

My Mission

My mission is to make a difference in the busy lives of teachers. To empower you to enjoy a sustainable teaching career, which includes reframing your mindset, implementing manageable self-care practices and finding balance within the craziness.
We have all seen the statistic which shows up to 50% of graduate teachers leave the profession within the first five years. I believe with the right support, strategies and mindset, this statistic doesn’t need to be a reality of our profession. I also believe that there are a large majority of teachers out there who aren’t part of that statistic who would benefit from the strategies and gentle accountability a coach offers in order to up-level their love for their profession and their lives.

My Story

My story revolves around a young, enthusiastic teacher (that’s me!) wholeheartedly committing to my career for the first four years before having one hell of a burnout and finding myself flat on my back with illness and genuinely questioning whether teaching was for me – convincing myself that teaching just wasn’t a sustainable path forward for my life. I was becoming a statistic, one of the many teachers who leave teaching within the first five years and I was deeply disheartened by this, because at my very core, I knew I was born to be a teacher and my purpose was to help people.

After taking a step back, reassessing and engaging in conversations with other incredible teachers, I heard chatter in the teaching world, one which normalised burnout and exhaustion and counting away the days until real life, AKA holidays, could start. At the time, I found myself right at the heart of these conversations, but when I had a spare moment, I would become so saddened to hear that some of the best teachers I knew were leaving the profession, or feeling so deathly tired that they had no life outside of their career, not even space for those they loved most dearly.

I just knew there was another way. I knew it was a travesty that this was occurring, but I also knew that I could not change the system, the requirements of the job or the pressures placed on teachers from above.

So I set out to find the other way….. In the process I went on a personal development journey which taught me the skills, knowledge and practices allowing me to approach teaching and life with clarity, balance, calmness and presence. I knew this was the path forward to help teachers and I knew my mission was to share my knowledge with as many teachers as I could so they too could experience the greatness of their balanced lives, without losing their identity as a teacher of little people and our future generation.

As a Life and Mindset coach, I now help teachers understand and shift their mindset to avoid burnout and overwhelm. All while achieving balance and learning how to really, truly take care of themselves so they can care for others with energy and compassion, allowing them to live a present life they love. 

I have found a way forward for teachers. A way to manage the demands of their vocation and live and love a wonderful life, equipped with the strategies to flourish.

I understand you.

I understand the pressure from the system. I have felt the exhaustion of caring so deeply, of providing a warm, caring environment for little people to grow and develop. I know what it feels like to have a ‘never-ending’ list of things to get done outside of teaching hours, to get home and want to stare at a wall for hours in silence. I get you. I also know there is another way and I am here to guide you and to give you the strategies to make it manageable, enjoyable and fulfilling again.

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