Kind Words from Clients

I am lucky enough to work with the most amazing clients. Here you will find their reflections on work with me and how it had an impact on their lives.

Norah Wilson


Michelle is incredibly trust-worthy, respectful and supportive. She listened VERY carefully and gave me guidance to find ways to grow that worked for me. There was a lot of learning that took place during my coaching sessions, even though I felt like I was coming into it all from a conscious place. The exercises Michelle and I worked through allowed me to recognise things that I may not have otherwise. They also helped me to begin to heal in certain areas.

I didn’t think that I had time in my schedule for this, but what has happened is that I now feel like I have more time (for everything) than I did before. It’s called priorities! It’s called self-compassion. Suddenly, there’s this time for me to do things for myself.

Michelle did a damn good job of making me feel as though I could speak openly, without fear of judgement, knowing that I would receive support and guidance. In order to make this experience as worthwhile as possible, one does need to let go and open up. That could happen in Michelle’s company. She is a gem.

Liz Hodgett


I feel like a different person from when I started my coaching series with Michelle. I am so much more aware of the pattern of my thoughts and how they can impact my feelings and actions. I feel so empowered knowing that I CAN have control over this. I can actually choose my thinking and change my feelings! I am far kinder and more compassionate towards myself now.

Michelle is such a wonderful listener and just so easy to talk to and because of this I felt that I could be upfront and honest about my thoughts, feelings towards teaching. I really felt like I was at the end of my tether with teaching before our coaching series. Just utterly exhausted and over it, but so frustrated because there was so much I loved about the profession and felt I was meant to stay in it but couldn’t cope with the expense to my mental and physical health and relationships.

By the end of our coaching series, I feel like I had regained control and can see how to strike that ‘balance’. Being a teacher herself, she could relate and really empathise with how I was feeling but more importantly, suggest some incredibly helpful strategies which I will continue to use. The best thing is that everything I’ve learnt so far doesn’t just apply to teaching… I have been able to apply it in all areas of my life and can feel myself becoming more present, energised and connected to others. I will be highly recommending you to all of my teaching friends

Michelle was so supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. I just felt so at ease talking to her about anything and I also appreciated her challenging me to think through things myself (out loud) and guiding me with gentle suggestions, useful tools or questions to get me to think more deeply / widely about problems – encouraging me to think of solutions or ‘next steps’ myself, making me feeling capable and confident in myself 🙂

Juanita Keir


Wow! When I reflect on my journey through my coaching series, I can see incredible growth mentally and personally. It allowed me to seek clarity and consciousness in my thoughts.

When starting out I was at a crossroads of confusion about what I wanted from my career, but no idea where to next. Michelle was able to help me set clear boundaries in many areas of my life including within my teaching role, evidently creating a sense of balance and calm at the beginning end of the week rather than pure exhaustion.

Having Michelle as a coach ensured that I started to have accountability for my goals. I worked through manageable actions each week, moving away from procrastination and finally doing things for myself. This helped me find clarity, purpose and direction with my path forward.

Before the coaching series I was very happy with my life but needed to take time to work on me. Michelle helped me shift my mindset in many areas and I can’t thank her enough for the time and effort she put into each session. I now recommend everyone should invest in themselves and Michelle is the perfect person to help you do that.

Ruth Ungerer

CrossFit Athlete/Coach.

I would definitely recommend anyone on the fence to jump in with both feet for a coaching series with Michelle. She can help you work through those sticky points that are holding you back. Michelle has an admirable ability to decipher jumbled thoughts and frustrations! I have a new awareness for default thought patterns that reflected negatively on myself. I also loved that each session, we created actions together that I was in charge of, which guided me to solve my challenges.
Michelle went above and beyond!

Kim Carty

Chartered Accountant / Financial Controller

Michelle helped me learn strategies to understand how my mindset was impacting my daily life and holding me back from really experiencing all the parts of my life I had so desired. I was able to create a manageable morning routine which set me up for success throughout the day.
Michelle was supportive and held me accountable to my commitment which ultimately helped me experience the growth I did.

Monique Bennie

Learning Support Teacher

Michelle, thank you for sharing your expertise with us at our school. I found your workshop empowering and thought provoking. The messages you shared had a great impact on me not only professionally but also personally. You reminded me about the importance of self-care. Thank you for sharing your personal stories and tips for nurturing a growth mindset in all that we do.
I look forward to hearing you present again in the future!

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