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12-Week 1:1 Bespoke Life Coaching for Mums

As a life coach, I work on 1:1 with mums, like you, to make a tangible difference in how you experience your everyday life.

This coaching program is perfect for you if you are ready to:

>> Release the guilt of what motherhood ‘should’ look like and feel confident to step into what you dream it to look and feel like for you and your family.

>> Let go of the exhaustion associated with overwhelming thoughts and always thinking about the worst-case scenario.

>> Become more organised and time-efficient & less rushed and chaotic.

>> Become resilient in the face of the hurdles that motherhood throws at you.

>>Learn how to support yourself when times are tough & embrace all the emotions that come your way so you can avoid bottling them up until you burst or crumble.

>> Find balance, time & energy for yourself, your interests and your hobbies.

>> To be present in all your relationships and prioritise the elements of your life you value most.

>> Love yourself unconditionally and change the inner murmurings which weigh you down. 

>> Feel the incredible compound benefits of consistent, small actions which support you and those you love.

>> Change that little voice inside your head from one which is harsh and judgy, to one which is kind and understanding.

>> Make really tangible changes and to stop thinking ‘surely there has to be another way’.

>> Learn about the triggers which cause you to feel stressed, frustrated, exhausted and deflated and to put strategies in place to manage these.

>> Genuinely love your life, warts and all.

>> Seek clarity, direction and joy in a new phase of life after finding yourself in a period of transition.

>> Address self-doubt and lack worthiness and be guided to put in place measures that support you and as a result flow on to supporting your family.

>> Equip yourself with strategies that are applicable to every stage of your motherhood journey so you can continue to thrive for years to come.

  • What does this coaching series look like?


    This questionnaire asks powerful questions to allow you the opportunity to explore the areas you want to focus on most to experience the most impact from this coaching series. This is an informal opportunity for you to reflect and get clear on what it is that you really think needs to change so we can zone in on these!


    Our first session will be all about setting your powerful goals. During this session you will set goals based upon the areas in which you most want support in, allowing you to leave feeling motivated, clear and energised for the series ahead. By the end of this impactful session, you will have decided upon your first action steps, allowing you to begin the journey towards making your everyday Mum life easier and more enjoyable, all the while being guided, supported and kept accountable by me. 


    Between each coaching call, you will have access to progressive learning modules which are at the heart of this coaching series. These are high-impact short videos designed to complement our coaching calls by filling your toolbox with additional strategies and knowledge. They can fit in easily around your schedule and your family life.

    Module 1: The Self
    This module equips you with knowledge about; Reconnecting with yourself and who you are now, shifting your self-talk and that voice inside your head, creating values which you connect with and that guide your daily interactions, exploring hobbies & interests which light you up, achievable ways to rest & switch off, learning how to celebrate yourself and the things you accomplish each and every day, learning how to take care of yourself first (yes, it’s possible!) so you can then have enough in the tank to care for your beautiful children too.

    Module 2: The Mind
    This module equips you with knowledge about; recognising empowering mindset shifts & perspectives so you can approach each scenario with confidence, building resilience strategies and learning how to support yourself to feel a wide range of emotions without crumbling as a result, dealing with transitions & uncertainty with ease, overcoming challenges, overwhelm and mum burnout.

    Module 3: The Juggle
    This module equips you with practical strategies including; better time management & planning, setting yourself up for success, journaling and achievable daily practices which create compound benefits in all aspects of your life.


    Every 3rd week we will have a scheduled coaching call via Zoom of which you will receive a recording. During this 60 minute session, we will spend time unpacking the goals we set, working on your mindset and implementing the knowledge from the learning modules to experience tangible results in your daily life. These sessions will be focused on YOUR needs, YOUR journey and YOUR breakthroughs. It is designed to intentionally get you on a path towards the life you want to live and to make it your reality. I will be there to guide you, support you and to gently hold you accountable. 


    Between our scheduled coaching sessions, I will be available via email and WhatsApp to help you celebrate your breakthroughs, work through your challenges and continue your momentum forward towards achieving your goals. Building your self-trust and enabling you to embody these actions moving beyond our coaching series.


$1200 AUD
Monthly and fortnightly payment plans are available to ensure payment flexibility.

There is another way Mumma.
You are worth it.

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