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Bespoke 1:1 Life Coaching for Teachers

Are you over feeling frazzled, exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out?

There is another way and I am here to show you how.

As a life coach for teachers, I work 1:1 with you to help you beat overwhelm, find balance and become super time effective so you can stop doubting yourself and your teaching career.

If you are seeking to achieve any of the following, you are the perfect coaching client for me:

>> Overcome feeling swamped under the pressure and requirements of teaching.

>> Stop continually doubt yourself as a teacher and question whether you can see yourself teaching long term.

>> Avoid feeling guilty for ‘switching off’ from and living a life outside of teaching.

>> Learn strategies to prioritise your to-do list and structure your day to your most efficient and productive self.

>> Create space to be present in your relationships with those you love most dearly and for you to feel relaxed and in control of your life .

>> Stop convincing yourself that ‘there is too much to do and too little time’.

>> Implement a consistent, manageable self-care routine which gives you the energy to enjoy your day to day life.

>> Work through limiting beliefs, building worthiness and self-compassion, in turn helping you deal with tricky parent interactions or negative feedback with ease.

>> Beat perfectionism, including an all-or nothing mindset, procrastination, people pleasing or being unfairly harsh on yourself.

>> Reconnect with yourself, your values and unique strengths so you can authentically bring all of yourself to your role.

>> Address self-doubt and imposter syndrome, helping you feel confident and valued in what you offer as a teacher. 

>> Find balance within overwhelm.

>> Delve into the world of personal development with guidance and support.

>> Understand the core concepts behind the Growth Mindset so you continue to become a better teacher, colleague and co-contributor to your team.

Think you’re not worth it? You are.
If now is not the right time for you to take up coaching – I get that – but please know you don’t have to be anything or anyone more than you are right now to truly benefit from putting yourself first.

  • What does a Coaching Series look like?


    This questionnaire asks powerful questions to allow you the opportunity to explore what it is you desire in your life, the areas you want to focus on and how you want to feel in your life as you move into your meaningful future. 


    During this call you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or clarify any confusing thoughts before we begin our series together. It will be a chance to feel comfortable in proceeding forward together. We share this call in order for you to learn a little more about me, my journey and my coaching style, as well as what to expect from the coaching series ahead and to begin to discuss the goals you want to achieve in our time together.


    Our first session will be all about setting powerful goals. During this session you will set goals based upon your vision for your life, allowing you to leave feeling motivated, clear and energised for the series ahead. By the end of this impactful session, you will have decided upon your first action steps, allowing you to begin the journey towards achieving these goals with dedication, all the while being guided supported and kept accountable be me. 


    Each fortnight we will have a scheduled coaching call via Zoom which you will receive a recording of. During this 60 minute session we will spend time unpacking your goals, working on your mindset and limiting beliefs and forging a plan which will see you achieve your goals. These sessions will be focussed on YOUR needs, YOUR journey and YOUR breakthroughs. It be will be designed to intentionally get you on a path towards the life you want to live and to make it your reality. I will be there to guide you, support you and to gently hold you accountable. 


    Between our scheduled coaching sessions, I will be available via email and Voxer to help you celebrate your breakthroughs, work through your challenges and continue your momentum forward towards achieving your goals. Building your self-trust and enabling you to embody these actions moving beyond our coaching series.


$1500 AUD
Generous payment plan options are available to get you started without the financial pressure.

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