1-hour Booster Session

Teacher Booster
1-hour Session

A Teacher Booster 1-hour session would be perfect for you if you:

>> Feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but are not sure where to begin in order to start making changes. 

>> Know that with a few strategies and the advice of someone external to yourself, you will be able to regain the control you feel is slipping away in the present moment. 

>> Are struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing teaching environment.

>> Feel like the administration side of teaching (including emails, parent meetings, programming etc) is weighing you down and making you procrastinate and need some strategies to become more productive and efficient within your teaching day.

>> Need to hit the reset button and gain some perspective. 

>> Feel swamped and would benefit from immediate support in overcoming this.

>> Are not quite ready to commit to an entire coaching series (like my program UnFrazzled) but know you need to make some change right now.

Think you’re not worth it? You are.
If now is not the right time for you to take up coaching – I get that – but please know you don’t have to be anything or anyone more than you are right now to truly benefit from putting yourself first.

  • What is included in this package?


    This questionnaire asks powerful questions to allow you the opportunity to explore what it is you desire to achieve within this session ensuring our coaching session has maximum impact.


    This session will specifically address the desires identified within the questionnaire and will allow you to take the steps you need in order to make this a reality. This will include practical strategies, mindset advice and powerful questioning to help you gain this momentum.


    For one week after the coaching session, I will be available via email and Voxer to help you implement your strategies, celebrate your breakthroughs, and work through your challenges.


$200 AUD

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